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Monday, May 28, 2018

The Crystal Spire is out NOW!

Gooooooood morning world! I am super excited to announce that The Crystal Spire has officially launched and is available for your reading pleasure!

It's already making quite a splash in the charts, which I am happy to see, but there are two other reasons why I am very excited about this particular book. The first reason is that it's an Erik Lokton story. I love working with this set of characters, and it's always fun to bring him to new and challenging places. Given all of his accomplishments and powers, it's a good brain exercise to see how I can handicap and challenge him -- which means it ends up going in places I may not have originally put into the outline that are very fun for me to discover during the writing process. :)

The other reason is that this book starts to bring some major overarching threads together, and I don't just mean from the Middle Kingdom. I always say how each book builds on another within my universe, but this one does a lot more than hide a few Easter Eggs. It is the first book to give a really major reveal about the universe as a whole. If you want to get the most out of The Crystal Spire, then you will want to be sure to have read The Dragons of Kendualdern series, Son of the Dragon, and the Haymaker Adventures as well.

If you haven't read those and you would rather dive into Crystal Spire right away, that's all right too. No matter what order you read them in, you'll get a kick out of where things are going from here on out. :)

Grab your copy today, and leave a kind review when you finish. :)

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