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Saturday, July 3, 2021

New launch updates


Hi everyone!
Dimwater's Devotion officially has four episodes scheduled for Kindle Vella (launching later this month) with several more getting uploaded this weekend. It's shaping up to be quite fun :)
Also, I'm trying something a little new in the hopes of increasing engagement, and also releasing more stories/content.
If you have a moment, can you take a look at my new Patreon page and answer the poll (link here: Patreon pre-launch poll)
Also, if you have any other feedback regarding the tiers, rewards, etc., feel free to leave a comment here. The goal is to make this as enjoyable as possible for everyone and help produce content faster. 🙂

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New book launch today on Kindle and Audible!


Today is the day I  finally reveal that mysterious LitRPG project! :) I am beyond excited to share Terramyr Online with you!



Terramyr Online is out today and is by far one of my favorite projects to date. If you enjoy LitRPG, then you are going to love this! 

If you are strictly an epic or sword and sorcery fantasy fan and haven't tried LitRPG before, go ahead and open up the look inside function to give the first chapter a whirl and get a feel for how this is a bit different, I think you'll fall in love with it every bit as much as I did while writing it.

This LitRPG Adventure is unlike any you've ever experienced before. Equal parts Epic Fantasy World and Indiana Jones, it has everything for lovers of the genre.

Grab your e-book copy today!

What's that? You want it in audio?

Perfect-- because not only is the audio book ready for you right now offering over 17 hours of listening pleasure, it's performed by none other than Travis Baldree!! He's performed massively fun audio books like Will Wight's Cradle series, Jeffrey L. Kohanek's The Wizardom Epic series, TurtleMe's The Beginning After the End series, and many, many more.

Audio book lovers, let's make your ears happy!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Ascension audio book is out Today!


Hello Terramyr fans!

I have some very exciting news!

Many of you have been asking for the audio book for The Dragons of Kendualdern. Well-- today the audiobook for Ascension (book 1 in The Dragons of Kendualdern series) is out! (The audible version even has a spiffy new cover design!)

And we didn't just get any old narrator to read for it either. Nope. We got Paul Boehmer! He's narrated Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles, and many, many more well-loved titles.

Intrigued? Good! Then click one of the links below and go check out the sample taken from the opening chapters and see Kendualdern brought to life in Audiobook for the very first time!!

To view on Amazon:

To go straight to Audible:


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New puppy and new book!


Good morning Terramyr fans!

I hope this email finds you doing well. Only 20 more days until the mysterious litrpg busts onto the scene and I can finally show it to all of you. I am beyond excited. So, in an attempt to hold back my anxious desires to give everyone an early sneak peek, I am going to focus on something else that is new and fun.

Meet our new pup. Being a family that loves fantasy books, movies, and games, you might expect the floofer to be named something like Thena, Ramira Queen of Darkness, Fangs McGee, or (a personal favorite of my wife's for D&D characters) Bethilda Hornswaggle. Especially since I now have three out of five sons actively writing their own fantasy stories complete with their own outlandish names to boot, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a wild name complete with an origin backstory.

So... what did we name the little ball of fur?

Drum roll please....

Terramyr fans, I'm excited to introduce Mei Mei (inspired not by epic fantasy sagas, but by Ni Hao Kai Lan, which has been a favorite cartoon around here since our first-born was less than a year old).

Speaking of our first born... that's him sitting on the back steps reading to Mei Mei. He's a little older now... ;)

So, it may not be a great big book reveal, but at least sharing something cute, fluffy, and new has helped me satisfy my desire to give you all a sneak peek at something. :)

Now, back to writing. I've officially scheduled 14  "episodes" on Kindle Vella. Not sure exactly when Vella is going to launch, there are rumors it will be Prime day, and other news says it will be a couple months yet. Either way, if it launches after the 14 episodes are scheduled to launch it will just mean that all of them will be available immediately, so it should be fun. Wild Magic and Dimwater's Devotions are the main vella stories I am focusing on at the moment, with some Phinean and Jaleal mixed in for good measure :)

Also, while Son of the Dragon is certainly not new, it does have a new development as well. The omnibus version is now available in hard cover! And let me tell you, this thing is very large. Essentially it's the size of a D&D handbook, but at that size with 11 pt font it's still nearly four hundred pages long. (Keep in mind it's around 300,000 words.) It's a beast of a book, and I have to admit it looks pretty impressive on a shelf lol. The paperback is a little easier to find a shelf for it to fit on, but it's fun to be putting out hard cover editions of certain books.

Not sure how many hard covers we'll end up doing, but we will be getting paperback editions for Dimwater's Door and The Kuscan Demon this summer too so we have those ready prior to SLC FanX where I'll be showing off all sorts of fun items this year.

That's it for this week! If you haven't yet taken a moment to put up a review for the Kendualdern series, please take a moment to do so. Also, check out this week's book spotlight-- The Throne of Ice and Ash by J.D.L. Rosell -- I think a lot of you will enjoy it. 


Check out Dimwater's Dragon, or share with your friends this week for only $0.99

Click here to grab this for only $0.99!


Click here to get The Kuscan Demon for $2.99!

Until next time (when I finally reveal the mysterious litrpg project 😁), 


Tuesday, April 14, 2020

99 Cent Deals!

Hello Terramyr fans!

Tuesdays are nice because they aren't Mondays-- but today it is going to be an even better Tuesday! Why? Because I have several 99 cent e-book deals for you! While I am busy working on the next project, I thought it might be fun to round up everything that is currently listed at 99 cents and spread them around. Who knows, you might find a new adventure that you haven't seen before. Hopefully something in here will pique your interest and give you a few hours of escape from being cooped up.

The Dragon's Champion is the first book I published, and it launches quite the adventure. If you haven't read it, then grab it now for only 99 cents!
Or, if you have read The Dragon's Champion, then be sure to catch the prequel novella The Keeper of Secrets: Dragon Born. This one features Lepkin like you have never seen him before. This one is also only 99 cents.
Or, if you're in the mood to follow some of the characters from Son of the Dragon, then be sure to pick up The Ghosts of Kobhir and see what becomes of Kelden and Yeoj.

But that isn't all. For a short time only, The Kuscan Demon is on sale in the U.S. and U.K. for only 99 cents! Don't miss out on this sale because it won't last long!

Until next time, make fun where you can, take adventure as you find it, and hug the ones you love.

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Saturday, April 11, 2020

Freebies and a blowout -- literally!

Hello Terramyr fans!

It's just a bit after 5 am here. I'm sitting at my writing desk about to dive into my current writing project, but thought I would send something that's been on my mind a little bit.

Last night my family and I went out for a bit of a hike -- far away from civilization-- and we had quite an exciting ride. First, our five year old started choking about half way out to our destination. He was scared, but we were able to pull over and get him taken care of so we continued on our way. We had a lot of fun at our destination. The kids raced up and down a long trail, taking our two dogs with them until everyone was good and tired.

Then, on the way home as we're doing 65mph on the highway our van decided it was the perfect time to blow a tire. Good news, we're all safe. I was able to get us to the side of the road without incident. Bad news? The shoulder was slanted so much that I couldn't actually get the spare out from under the van, let alone change the tire. Fortunately we had a neighbor who was able to venture out and rescue us-- all six of us plus our two dogs. It made me reflect quite a bit on similar types of incidents throughout the years and how different people have been able to help out in the past-- or times when we've been able to help others.

Sometimes, all it takes is something as simple as a vehicle malfunction to throw a whole family into chaos for a bit. So, if you can be that awesome neighbor who rushes out to pick up the family, do that. And if you have been the stranded family who gets rescued, then make sure not only to give back, but also to pay it forward. Whether we're in a unique pandemic or not the world needs more good neighbors. :)

Now -- I believe I promised a free book for this weekend right? I wouldn't be much of a good neighbor myself if I broke that promise. So, without further ado, please allow me to show you this week's deals.

1. $0.99 Trilogy deal! -- Eric T. Knight's Chaos and Retribution. -- You won't want to miss this triumph of epic fantasy by Eric T. Knight. The Dragon Queen of Chaos sends her minions to prepare the world for her return... and all that stand in her way are three heroes with unique gifts... will they learn to master their powers, or will their powers master them?

#2. Freebie! -- Gatekeepers -- Do you like urban fantasy with a twist on traditional myths? This one might be worth your time.

#3. MASSIVE FREEBIE BUNDLE! -- How about 8 fantasy novels by 8 different authors? I mean, we can never have too many good books right?
I am confident you will enjoy these deals. Be sure to reach out and let me know which you like best. Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep an eye out for one another.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Kuscan Demon is out today!

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Hello Terramyr fans!

I am very excited to announce that The Kuscan Demon is officially out today! The e-book version is $3.99, or you can read it for FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited. For those of you who pre-ordered it, you should be able to access it right now from your devices. For those of you that might need a little more enticement... though I am not sure what wouldn't be intriguing about an orc that hunts demons... I am going to include a small preview below. Click on the pic to order now, or read on and see if the opening catches your attention.
And, as always, stay healthy!

Chapter 1

It had been a bright, clear day with a warm late spring breeze that stirred up the clover and lilacs growing in the hills to the north. Torgath had spent the day tracking his prey to a valley he would have been happy to stroll through on any other day such as this, but despite the beautiful colors that were splashed across the sky as the sun hung low on the horizon, his heart was not cheered by the site which lay before him.
A cohort of fifty men and their knight liege had found his target first, and lost.
The clover was painted crimson. Gnarled hands and pieces of human flesh dotted the grass as Torgath approached from the west. Crows circled above, waiting for the vultures to clear the ground below before moving in to take their fill.
The orc had seen such savagery before, but this scene tugged at his heart, for this was not the result of a typical battle.
No. This carnage was the work of Beomuth.
Torgath sniffed the air, taking in the faint, acrid odor left behind by the demon. Beomuth was prone to use acid and poison, dishonorable weapons for anyone to employ, but especially despicable in this case. Torgath walked by the remains of a man consisting of a mauled torso. The heavy trail of blood below where the waist had been pointed the direction where the rest of the swordsman was lying in the field. The man’s facial skin was bubbling and turning black, with small wisps of smoke rising up as the sinew and bone beneath became visible.
A yell tore Torgath away from the corpse and pulled his eyes toward the top of the hill.
An older man was sitting near the top, pulling on what appeared to be a tourniquet above his knee.
Torgath doubted Beomuth would leave anyone alive, so he glanced around the hill before rushing in to help, knowing that many demons employed magical illusions to draw in their prey.
The orc drew his sword, gripping the dragon bone in his hands and surveying the ground and skies. Seeing no sign of the demon, he made his way carefully to the wounded man.
“Get away!” the man shouted. “There is a demon here!”
Torgath didn’t slow his steps, but he took some comfort in the man’s words. A demon could only create illusions that it could understand. Beomuth could easily project a wounded man, he could make him scream for help even, but a demon could not imitate honor. This man was no illusion. He was a knight.
As he ascended the hill, he pulled the edge of his cowl low over his brow and drew the fabric mask which hung from it across his face, securing it in place with a pair of metals clasps. Coming near enough to see clearly, Torgath noted a crest of yellow on black with two fighting boars across the knight’s chest. The insignia told Torgath which house the knight was from, but the fact that the knight still held his weapon at the ready to defend an unknown stranger told him even more. This man was honorable.
“I said go away!” the knight shouted. “Enough men have given their lives today. Flee, before it comes back!”
Torgath shook his head and bent down to the wounded man. “I am hunting the demon.”
“Alone?!” the man scoffed.
The orc surveyed the man’s wounds. “Your leg is lost,” he said. The left leg was barely clinging to the knee, with the flesh torn open and most of the joint ripped free. “You have lost a lot of blood.”
“I’ll live,” the knight said. He yanked on the tourniquet once more and tied it off, quenching the flow of blood.
Torgath nodded. “I can amputate the leg and seal the wound, but I have nothing for the pain.”
The knight nodded. “Do what you can.”
The orc gathered enough wood to make a hot fire, and slipped his blade into the flames, resting it atop the white-hot embers and letting the dragon blade gather the fire’s heat to itself. While he waited for that, he pulled a few items he would need from his pack; a needle and thread, a hunting knife, and several bandages. The orc also handed a flask to the knight and bade him to drink deeply.
“Why the mask?” the knight asked.
“Most people don’t like to see what lies behind it,” Torgath replied. The knight took another big drink from the flask, Torgath reached over to tip the bottom up. “Finish it off, you’ll want to be out if possible.”
When the ale was gone, the knight closed the flask and tossed it next to Torgath. “You risk much to save a man you don’t even know.”
Torgath looked up and surveyed the scene with his eyes once more. “You fought the demon honorably. Therefore, I must help you if I can.”
“He took my wife,” the knight said, his words just starting to slur. “Seven years ago. He took her from my home while I was away. The cowardly cur.” The knight held up a finger. “I vowed to slay the beast for what he did to my Margaret. It wasn’t just that he killed her, you know.”
Torgath gave a soft nod. “I know.”
The knight grunted. “So, you’ve lost someone too, then?”
“Someone very dear to me,” Torgath replied.
“They keep the souls of their victims. They lock them up in these strange magical artifacts, feeding upon their souls forever. It’s a fate worse than hell.”
“Yes, it is,” Torgath agreed. He turned his eyes to the knight just as the man shouted into the air.
“I’m still coming for you, you blaggard! I don’t care if you ripped off my leg, and killed my men. I’m going to hunt you down!” The knight’s clenched fist pumped into the air as the man let out a string of curses.
Torgath watched for a moment, and then felt a single tear come to his left eye. “I will find him for you,” Torgath said. “Your fight is over.”
The knight looked up to Torgath’s dark eyes and knitted his brow. “You? Alone?”
“I swear, I will kill the demon.” Torgath made a fist with his right hand and leaned in close. “Now sleep.” He launched a punch so swift and strong that the knight was unconscious before he even saw the blow coming. The human’s body fell limp to the ground without so much as a moan. Between the loss of blood and the heavy liquor, Torgath was certain the human would be out for a good while.
It was time to go to work.
The orc took his hunting knife and worked it into the raging fire until the blade began to glow. He then brought it out and let it cool before cutting the knight’s trousers away from the mauled leg. “You fought well,” Torgath said as made a cut around the knee joint to separate the skin from the lower leg and the jagged pieces. He then made vertical incisions running from the circular cut up to four inches above the knee. His hands moved steadily, his eyes monitoring the blood loss while he kept his nerves calm, knowing that rushing might lead to a botched job. Once he had the vertical incisions completed, he peeled the strips of skin back to reveal the meat and bone. He was able to save most of the leg muscles, needing only to sever the connective tissue that bound them to the bottom of the femur. Once the bottom of the femur was fully exposed, Torgath grabbed his sword from the fire and stood over the knight. With one, well-aimed chop the bone was cleaved and simultaneously cauterized.
The knight winced and moaned, but remained unconscious.
Torgath set the sword back into the fire and went to work sewing the muscle over the severed bone, followed by the flaps of skin. He pulled them tight so that they overlapped enough to suture together. Then, once the skin was put together over the end of the leg’s stub, Torgath reached for his sword once more and worked quickly to cauterize the skin, fusing it and dissolving the sutures at the end.
The odor of searing flesh assaulted his nose, but he kept the blade in place, knowing that if the knight was to survive, this had to be done completely. A half-done job wouldn’t do. Even with a perfect amputation Torgath wasn’t sure the knight would live, as the blood loss before had been significant.
With the work done, Torgath cleaned his sword and knife. The knight woke several times over the next few minutes, but quickly passed out from the pain and general fatigue that had overtaken his body. Torgath also regularly administered additional ale from a second flask he had on hand. He moved to some young trees and cut them down to build a litter with which to drag the knight into a thicket of trees away from the hill. He then covered the knight with his own blanket from his pack and then scavenged the battle field in the gathering dark for additional liquor and other supplies he might need.
Fortune smiled on him, granting a find of three bottles of brandy, two medicine kits, and several functioning crossbows.
He sorted the medicine kits first, but was dismayed to find mostly palliative remedies instead of more useful cures and tonics. Still, it was more than he had originally possessed, so he thanked his ancestors. He refilled his empty flasks with the contents of one brandy bottle, but saved the other two for the knight. Similarly, he took one crossbow and left six others loaded near the man.
The knight awoke when the moon was beginning to make its decent from the sky, and called out to Torgath, who at that time was throwing more logs on the fire.
The orc, thinking the knight might need his help, hurried back to the man.
“What is it?” Torgath asked, bending down to inspect the man’s leg.
“The fire, you shouldn’t build it,” the knight said. “It will attract the demon.”
Torgath nodded. “I know, that is precisely why I am doing it.”
The knight frowned, and then noticed the six crossbows loaded near him and smiled. “You are bringing the demon to me?”
Torgath grinned, despite the fact that the expression was hidden behind the mask. “I am. I cannot leave you here to fend for yourself, but neither can I give up the hunt. Fortunately, we don’t have to go after it. The demon is cunning and greedy. It knows that others might come looking for the first group of fallen warriors. My guess is the demon didn’t go far. So I thought it best to bring the monster back. The scent of roasting meat and the tall flames will be too much for him to resist. This one is a greedy monster, and he will be fattened with the flesh of your men tonight, so his judgment will be lacking.”
“Roasted meat? When did you have time to hunt?” The knight then looked out toward the fire. The man’s eyes shot open wide, and Torgath knew that the knight had noticed the pile of human bodies stacked near the fire. “I see.” His tone was flat, not exactly full of reproach, but it was clear that the plan did not sit well with the knight.
“I mean no offense, but as these men have also lost their souls to the demon, I assumed they wouldn’t mind if their bodies were used to lure the demon back.”
The knight wrinkled his nose and stared at the bodies for a while, then finally nodded. “I’m sure you are right. It is a shrewd plan, but ultimately there is no point in giving final rites to a body whose soul is in the clutches of a demon for eternal torment. Go ahead, do as you have planned.”
Torgath pointed to the crossbows. “Try not to drink all the brandy tonight. I don’t want you getting drunk and shooting me by mistake.”
The knight smiled and stuck out his hand. “Hawking is my name, Gadrick Hawking, knight of the House of Lords, sworn swords to King Esri.”
Torgath took the knight’s hand. “I am Torgath, my house and origin are of little consequence.”
“And yet your courage and honor are of great importance. I must know whence you come, so that I may send the appropriate reward.”
Torgath shook his head. “Perhaps I will have need of a favor in the future. If such a day comes I will call upon you, but until then there is no need for monetary gratitude.”
“Just as well,” Gadrick said with a grunt. “We’ll likely be dead anyway.”
Torgath chuckled a bit. “Yes we will fight with honor,” he said.
“And die with glory,” Gadrick replied. The two of them sat, listening to the still of the night, each pondering on what the morning would bring. “Perhaps Nagé will come to claim the both of us when this is finished,” Gadrick ventured after some time had passed.
Torgath considered carefully before answering. “I wish that for you, that you may be with your wife once we have freed her soul from the demon.”
“Do you not wish to be reunited with the one you have lost?”
“Neither I, nor my kin will be permitted to rest with the souls of the blessed,” he replied, betraying some bitterness, despite his best effort to appear dispassionate.
“Come man, we all have actions we regret, and doubts which nag at all warriors, but you have behaved honorably. Surely the gods will recognize that. Do not give in to defeat of the mind as battle approaches. It does not suit the moment!”
“I am ready for battle. I do not doubt my actions, or my honor, but I am not what you think,” Torgath shook his head and rose to his feet, pacing in front of the fire and wishing for the action to begin so that talk could be done with. The eyes of the knight were fixed intently upon him. He tried to ignore it, but it dug at him. At last Torgath paused and wrinkled his nose. “What is it you wish to say?”
“You found me, nearly dead, and did what you could to nurse me back to health. You amputated my leg, and have refused to abandon me to the night or to the dishonor of not completing my quest. You stand ready slay the demon that imprisoned my wife, and have given me the means to participate. Because of you, she will be free, and I may yet live. I know you refused money, but if you ever need that favor you mentioned, I declare an oath to you, that I will give it.”
“Indeed, we shall slay this demon, and your wife’s soul will be freed. If I can, I will make sure that you yet live. All this is true, but you should know to whom you offer an oath of assistance before you make it.” He paused for a moment looking for acknowledgement from the knight. When he remained expectantly silent, Torgath nodded and removed his mask. Gadrick drew in a sharp breath as surprise and anger flashed across his face, but he did not speak a word. “I am an orc, cursed by the gods, and unwelcome in Volganor, the Heaven City. I can never be claimed by your goddess Nagé, no matter what I do in this life. It may be that even Khefir, the collector of the damned will pass over my soul at the end of my life. For such is the curse which lies upon me, that I may be found unfit for either heaven or hell.”
“I see,” Gadrick finally spoke, though his tone was unreadable.
“As I said, I wear the mask because most don’t like what they see,” Torgath said. He turned to stare into the fire.
Gadrick sat looking up at the orc. “If I had both legs...”
Torgath nodded. “You would challenge me,” Torgath finished. “I know.”
Gadrick sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Then I suppose it’s a good thing I have only one leg.”
The orc arched a brow and moved to replace his mask.
“No, leave it off, I want to say this while looking into your face,” Gadrick said.
Torgath paused and wrinkled his nose. “What is it you wish to say?”
“I have not spoken amiss. I swear by an oath, that if you find yourself in need of a favor, you will have it of me. Gods do what they must, but I find you to be honorable, and worthy of my friendship. Should we survive, you will find me on the main continent.”
Torgath hardly knew what to say. “Across the seas?” Torgath inquired breathlessly.
“My family came from a small town several generations ago. I thought I might go back there.” Gadrick gestured to his leg. “I won’t be much use for fighting anymore, but if you’re ever in Mill Creek, look me up.”
The orc nodded, touched more than he could express. “I will.” Determined now more than ever to move on to the battle he had come for, the orc moved back to the fire and set one of the human bodies across a spit over the fire after darkness covered the land. The flames licked at it as they would any carcass. Torgath turned away from the sight, focusing instead on propping the other dead corpses around the fire so as to look like a group of warriors circled it. He placed their weapons nearby, and then crept off to another location to lie down and wait.
He waited there for scarcely more than an hour, until the sun began to peek over the eastern horizon. The scent of roasting meat wafted to him, but knowing what was truly cooking, the odor churned his stomach.
As he peered upward, something flitted across the sky. A shadow passed over Torgath and then something large and dark dropped from above, crashing into two corpses and spewing acid on three others. Torgath was close enough to feel the vibrations when the beast landed, and he smelled the acrid odor as it poured out its hideous acid.
Torgath gripped his sword and was about to make his move when he heard the telltale click of a crossbow trigger.
No, you fool. Not yet!
A bolt whistled through the air and slammed into the demon’s shoulder. It turned, hissing and spitting acid from its mouth as it realized the ruse.
Torgath knew the beast would take flight again if it could, so he leapt up from his spot on the ground and charged the monster. The thing was nearly twelve feet tall, with a bulbous belly no doubt bloated more than normal after feasting earlier that day on human flesh. Two greater wings sat above a pair of small wings, and ridges of bone glistened in the firelight along the creature’s spine.
Torgath sprinted softly, hoping to strike while the demon was still distracted.
“Here, beast!” Gadrick shouted.
Another crossbow bolt whistled through the air and struck the demon, this time in the chest.
The creature grunted and reached up to knock the bolt from its thick skin. A bit of white blood oozed from the small wound, but the flesh closed up as Torgath had expected.
The demon roared. It looked to the sky with its spiked head and crouched low as if to jump while its wings started flapping. Torgath was too slow to reach it before the creature launched into the air, but he was able to slice the demon’s left foot as it ascended. White blood dropped to the ground, smoking and bubbling as it made contact with the grass. This time the wound did not close, and the demon hissed as it recoiled to the side and circled higher with its wings.
“Run!” Gadrick shouted.
Torgath knew there was nowhere to run to. The demon was airborne now, and could certainly outpace the orc. The demon flew over Torgath and opened its fang-filled mouth to spit. The orc reached down and yanked a corpse from the ground to use as a shield. The sound of acid slopping against the corpse was the only indication that the attack had come, but it was followed quickly by the sizzling sound of melting flesh.
The orc tossed the body aside after the demon flew by and reached for a log from the fire. He picked up a sizable piece and threw it hard. The fire hissed and flittered as the log spun through the air, but it hit its mark, knocking the demon squarely in the back. Embers broke off from the wood in a shower of sparks.
The demon circled back around, but this time Torgath readied his crossbow. He had just the trick for this demon. The head of this bolt was a thin, brittle tip of graphite, but inside was a mixture of base chemicals sure to react with the demon’s acid. He aimed the crossbow and fired for the open maw. The bolt went in, and the demon jerked his head to the side as it struggled to swallow the missile.
The demon flew away and then circled back once more, making a wide arc as if waiting to see what other missiles Torgath might fire at it. Instead, the orc waited, knowing that his plan would only need about a minute to take effect.
The demon roared and flew directly for Torgath once it realized no one was firing anymore. It opened its mouth as if to prepare an acid shower, but this time the beast gave off a dry, foul-smelling belch. It veered off to the side and landed about twenty yards away. The twelve foot tall behemoth bent over as if sick, and then began heaving and vomiting. Torgath waited, his gifted eyes watching in the dark as the demon’s chest began to swell. The demon grunted and groaned, but didn’t take to the air again.
A low, dull popping sound came from the demon’s body as the heaving chest sank back inward. The demon howled in agony.
Torgath knew it was his moment to strike. He rushed in while the demon was consumed with pain. His dragon blade sliced the demon open horizontally along the back, just above the waist. The spine rebuffed the blade’s assault, but the flesh on either side gaped open. White blood spilled out from the wound, along with greenish bubbles that had leaked into the demon’s body from the acid sack inside its now exploded lungs.
The beast dropped to its knees, unable to put up any sort of defense as Torgath targeted the demon’s neck and shoulders. He dared not stab the chest area from the front or back for fear that another acid sack might have built up pressure from the acid bomb he had created.
When the demon fell forward, Torgath chopped the head free and kicked it away. A single tooth lay on the ground, so the orc picked it up and reached for his necklace. His silver necklace glowed at one end, and bored its way through the tooth, stringing the bone onto the silver chain.
Another dull pop, like a bladder filled with too much water, sounded from the demon’s corpse. Torgath looked and saw the right side of the chest cavity collapse. It was now safe to pierce the demon’s heart. The dragon sword bit through the demon’s flesh and a green fire rose from the hole, consuming the body until all that was left was a wisp of green smoke, which flew upward and into the hole in the tooth on the necklace. The necklace then regained its normal shape and Torgath clasped it around his neck.
Torgath looked around until he saw a small charm that hadn’t been consumed by the fire. I was some sort of silver chain with a pendant. The gem inside was green, and swirled as if mist churned within the stone. Torgath set the pendant on a nearby piece of broken wood and then chopped into it with his sword.
An explosion of yellow and green tore through the darkness around him as the screams of trapped souls erupted from the shattered gem. Wisps of smoke and vapor took human forms and flew away, many of them soldiers that gave final salutes to Torgath before flying off. Some of them were women and children too overcome with joy to even take note of him.
The orc wondered whether the soldiers would have saluted had they known who he really was.


Monday, September 2, 2019

Announcing the first game set on Terramyr! Gladiators of Duerbet


Happy Labor Day everyone!

          Today marks the first page in a new chapter for me. Partnering with Brantley Brumley, I have finished and released the first video game based in my fictional world.
          While Duerbet has been mentioned a few times in several books, it has never really gotten a chance to stand in the spotlight. So I decided it was a perfect setting for my first game. Duerbet  is home to one of the oldest and bloodiest arenas in all of Terramyr. Grab the game, and work your way through the ranks if you dare. You might also want to add some sleuthing into your arena grinding as well because not all is as it seems in Duerbet. Can you solve the mystery that plagues Duerbet?

Gladiators of Duerbet is only $0.99 right now so snag it quick and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for more games to come -- Jonathan Haymaker's game is nearing completion and promises a ton of RPG action!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Dimwater's Door Launches at Midnight!

Dimwater's Door is launching at Midnight!

What better way to launch a book about a sorceress than to have it set for a midnight release? Well, that's what's happening. If you want your copy at midnight (or slightly before or after depending on your specific time zone) then hurry and go to the link now to grab it! It's going to be a fun, action-packed ride!

Click here to snag your copy!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Son of the Dragon is out today!

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Good morning!

          Today is going to be a very fun day for me as it is the release date for Son of the Dragon. It's 820 pages of awesome action. If you like anti-heroes and assassins, then this one is for you. There is also an all-star cast of heroes, rogues, and everything in between to keep up your interests! Plus... for those of you that have read The Dragon's Champion series, you are going to see Jaleal make an appearance here. You won't want to miss the dragon-slaying gnome take on the baddies in this book!
          Let's show Son of the Dragon some love. Snag a copy now if you haven't already, and pass it around to friends and family who would enjoy a good adventure!

          Also, check out these fun box sets from some amazing authors!

Until next time, keep smiling, keep reading... and make sure to take a big bite out of life. :)