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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Place Value Palace video game

I am very excited to reveal a special project that I have been working on over the last couple of months. At the request of my wife-- who also happens to be a teacher-- I designed a fantasy RPG-style math game for elementary students.

The game is aimed at 4th grade students to help them learn place values and reinforce some other math principles as well. Below I have posted a couple of screen shots as well as a brief intro video that I recorded this morning. --The video came out slower than the actual gameplay, but it gets the basic point across.

The feedback we have gotten from the test classes has been great, so if you know a 3rd-4th grader who likes games, this would be a great idea for them. The game is filled with puzzles, humor, and some good old fashioned RPG-style battles.

Right now we only have the PC version ready -- but the iOS and other operating system versions are coming soon.

I'm currently doing a soft release for only $4.99! And, that one-time purchase will not only get you the entire game, but if there are ever any updates, we will send out an email so you can download updated versions for free!

Take a look!

Here are some additional screenshots:

If you like it, be sure to snag it now for the special release price of $4.99!

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