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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Dragon Awards, SLC FanX and new box sets!

As I get ready to start writing for today, I wanted to spread the word about the Dragon Awards. These are great because they are people's choice awards. As fans, you can sign up and vote for your favorite Sci-fi and Fantasy books, movies, and games. Definitely be sure to check it out! This is only the second year these awards have been offered, and they are given out during Dragon Con, which I haven't gotten out to yet, but is definitely on my list of places/events to see in the near future.

You can see more info about the Dragon Awards here.

Also, speaking of conventions, I will be attending SLC FanX in March, so stay tuned for more details about that. I absolutely loved meeting people at Comic Con last year, and I look forward to chatting with you all again at upcoming events.

The other fun news I wanted to share with you is that my publisher has put out several kindle box sets. Overall, a boxed set tends to save a little bit of money as opposed to buying each book individually, which is always a plus. If you haven't completed one of these series, then definitely check these out, and if you have, then pass the word along to others who might enjoy a fun fantasy adventure!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Flight of the Krilo launches today!

  I am so excited about this one! It was a ton of fun to write, and was a bit different from some of the other stories I have written. Of course it takes place on Terramyr and a lot of the mythology is similar, but this one delves into the Varvarr people and introduces the Krilo. I sincerely hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

  It's coming in hot at #14 on Amazon's Myths and Legends Hot releases category and has earned a great ranking in other categories as well. Click here or on the link below to read the preview and order your copy.

Click here to order your copy today!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Terramyr Chronology

So, I have gotten a few requests on my Facebook site and from others for a chronological list of my books. In the past, I have been a little reluctant to do this because primarily because while I do enjoy creating easter eggs and planting cross-overs or downright connecting different books, I don't want anyone to feel tied down to a specific order for reading the books.

Obviously with the sets and trilogies, like The Dragon's Champion, The Sorceress of Aspenwood, or the Netherworld Gate, you should go in order starting with the first of each respective series. But in terms of which series to start with, or which stand alone novel to read first... just look at the descriptions and see which story you want to read first. I want you to have fun, so when it comes to people asking me where to start, I always ask if they like more or less magic in the book. Then, I might narrow it from there and ask whether they would prefer a snowy mountain setting, or an exotic adventure upon the Elven Isles. Just like there is no wrong way to eat a Reese's, you can't go wrong by starting with a book that intrigues you, regardless of where it falls in Terramyr's timeline. Okay?

All right, so now that I am off my little soap box...

Here is a bit about the wider picture for Terramyr. I am working with some others on a Wikia page, which when I am done should have a nice timeline on it. Hopefully some good artwork as well... but that all takes time. So, for those of you who want the big picture NOW, here you go!

Terramyr is a world which is part of a grand fantasy universe.(Kendualdern is a related world, and plays a significant role in Terramyr's history thanks to the Seven Ancients...) The world of Terramyr is rich in stories of adventure and magic, where struggles of the small and mighty alike are worthy of being told. Each story reflects a different point in time where the course of Terramyr’s history is affected; all paths leading to a moment when the life of Terramyr will be weighed in the cosmic balance.

It could be said that Terramyr is a palimpsest of fantastic history and magic, where different ages of gods and mortals have given rise to heroes and villains of all sorts, from each corner of the world.

The life of Terramyr is measured in five major eras of time, each a testament to the strength of will of mortals and those who would seek to become gods. Covering over 12,000 years of Terramyr’s history the struggles of each race, from orcs to demigods, from elves to gnomes, are what I endeavor to showcase in my novels and stories.

As for the world's history, the books so far have touched on very small portions. If I had a full rendering of Terramyr's map, you would see that there is also a vast array of different places and cultures to explore. Some of the projects already underway will invite you to take a walk in the wild jungles of Prirodha, explore the verdant seacoast of the Elven Isles, climb the snowy peaks of the Dryden Range, delve the mighty caverns of the Dwarves of Roegudok Hall, discover the hidden treasures of the merpeople of the Ilion Ocean, and to share the adventures which take place in many more beautiful, exciting locations across the world of Terramyr.

While each series or stand-alone book which is part of the World of Terramyr can be enjoyed on its own, the more you explore, the more you will find easter eggs, learn about the mythology and history of the world, and the more you may come to discover the extent of the powers interested in guiding Terramyr to its final end.

You can enjoy the stories in any order you choose, but for readers who are interested in knowing where in the chronology of Terramyr a given story falls, here is a chronological list of the stories (those currently available, and some yet to come) that take place on the World of Terramyr.

Pre–history and Creation Era
The Dragons of Kendualdern: Dominion (Coming Soon
The Dragons of Kendualdern: Hunted (Coming Soon)
The Dragons of Kendualdern: Rebellion (Coming Soon)
The Dragons of Kendualdern: Annihilation (Coming Soon)
The World Seed (Coming Soon)
Ancient Era (1,000 years)

Dark Ages aka The Era of Kings (3,500 years)
Age of Demigods (5,000 years)
The Haymaker Adventures  (Year 3,500)
The Sorceress of Aspenwood Series  (Years 3,676 – 3,677)
The Dragon’s Champion Series (Years 3,709 – 3,711)
Winter’s Ghost (Year 3,710)
The Wealth of Kings (Year 3,711)
The Crystal Spire (Year 3,715) (Coming Soon)
The Fur Trader (Year 3,720)

Common Era (1,700 years)

Enlightened Era aka Age of Wonders (1,000 years…?)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Advice for aspiring writers... Read, Write, and Dream

At Comic Con last year I had a few aspiring writers ask me for advice. Of course, my first thought was, I dunno- go ask a big author like Terry Brooks or Brandon Sanderson. I'm just a little guy.

However, I realized in the next instant that I did have an answer.

Read, write, and dream. (Not always in that order...)

Reading should be a given. It will enhance your techniques as you study not only the plot elements of a good story, but also the mechanical skills different writers employ. As you read with a writer's eye, you will have little "ah-ha!" moments where you see a skill you have been lacking, but can develop to improve your writing.

As a minor example. I first read Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind while I was in my first year of college. I found that within that 1,000 page book, Goodkind did something that not all authors are great at (though most certainly try to some extent). Whatever he introduces in the story, whether on page twenty or two hundred and twenty, ends up playing a role later on. His foreshadowing technique was superb. He could inform you about something without taking you out of the story or having the passage feel clunky, and then deliver on that foreshadow as many as seven hundred pages later and still have it create a good impact. Even if he only introduced the idea, character, or event with a single sentence, it always worked. Furthermore, there were no "dead" foreshadowing moments. Meaning everything that was foreshadowed, actually developed into something more. A lot of authors will foreshadow ten things, but then only deliver on seven.


Writing is the most important part. You have to actually sit down and write. Some people have a goal of writing 1,000 words a day. I find as with other things, these goals can and should be increased in accordance with your skill. For example, when you first walk into a gym, you might only lift the bar without extra weight. But you certainly don't want to stay at that level forever. You increase your goals. 1,000 words a day was a great goal while I had another full-time job. It was something I could almost always hit on my lunch hour. Now, however, I can drop around 2,200 words an hour, consistently over the course of a day. Always stretch yourself.

A good way to improve this skill set is to time your work. Whether you are a "plotter" who uses up 300 3x5 cards before writing your first word, or a "pantser" who jumps into the story without even knowing where you want to be in chapter 2- time yourself. I write in word because I can easily calculate totla words and total time spent on the project. This gives me not only a daily progress report, but shows me how consistent I am over time. 

As an example of flexing your writing muscles- The Dragon's Champion took me a total of 117 hours to write, including rewrites and completing edits from my editor. I averaged less than 1,000 words an hour. Then I look at book 6 in that series, and even though it is almost 10,000 words longer, I completed that novel in 54 hours. Part of that is how familiar I was with the characters by then, of course, but a huge part was timing myself. I found that I not only increased my writing speed as I practiced, but timing my work periods also meant I spent less time on distractions like social media.


Dreaming is very important for a fiction writer. Without dreams and questions of what if- then what will we ever be able to produce? Take time to daydream, to make up your own endings to books, movies, video games, etc. Don't lose the 12 year old version of you that used to stare out the window and fight in epic battles while the teacher was blathering on about some subject you weren't passionate about. You should still look out the window and dream -- it's just a balancing act of finding the appropriate time to do it as you age ;) 

Now obviously I am not Terry Brooks or Brandon Sanderson. So, odds are they will have even better advice for aspiring writers, but if I had to hit three top things, this is what I would talk about. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Fur Trader 2

 I have been getting some questions about the Fur Trader sequel over the past couple of months. Well, I am happy to report that not only am I revealing the cover to you right now, but we have an official publication date as well.

The Fur Trader 2 comes out on March 31, 2017.

Check out the link below to pre-order your kindle copy!

Click here to pre-order your copy!

The Fur Trader 2

Trudging through the snow and other dangers high up in the Dryden Mountain Range, Garrin and the others are closing in on Geberron Pass.

However, as the trio pushes forward, Garrin understands that William’s secret is far more serious than he ever could have imagined. There is no turning back now, for that would mean certain death for all three of them. Garrin must dig deep and employ his full range of skills to ensure the safety of the group, and get them through Geberron Pass before those who hunt them can overpower them.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Dragon's Champion book trailer

  So I have been working on a lot of projects lately, but one that I am really excited about is a new Erik Lokton project. It is certainly a lot of fun to work with Erik as a character again and try to push him into new situations. In the meantime, Dragon Scale Publishing and 5395 Media have collaborated together on a book trailer for the book that started it all, The Dragon's Champion. Throughout 2016 all six of the books in The Dragon's Champion series were published in audio format, and now we are working on some fun trailers.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Santa brought us a defective Dragonzord!

Okay, so it isn't Santa's fault. But check this out- we bought a really cool Dragonzord toy for Christmas because our youngest kids are really, really, into Power Rangers. (Somehow I escaped it during my childhood... but now my kids have infested my house with it...) Anyway... One of our sons loves the Green Ranger and the Dragonzord. So we found a super cool toy. It's a remote control Dragonzord complete with Green Ranger and big Dragon Flute (which is supposed to be the remote).

Click Here to see more details from the seller.

  So Ryan opens it up, immediately falls in love with it, and twists the little red stand where the Green Ranger can be placed at the top of the Dragonzord. It roars and fires its missiles. Lights are bliking, kids are smiling... I'm getting shot by little plastic missiles. Everything is great right.


Ryan grabs the Dragon Flute and presses the buttons. Nothing. No movement. No song. No swirly thrashing of the tail. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Okay, so Mom and Dad are more upset than he is at this point because he still has a Dragonzord. He plays with it, and we put in to exchange it with Amazon. (That process was hassle free as far as return shipping etc.)

Dragonzord #2 has the same problems. The remote will not work.

Fine, so we go to our local Walmart and pick up Dragonzord #3.

It also does not work. At this point we try using the remotes with each of the Dragonzords. Heck, we even bought two extra packs of batteries to make sure we could supply both the remote and the Dragonzord with batteries.


So at this point we're smiling thinking only we could have this kind of luck... but oh no.

My wife goes back to Walmart. Exchanges the defective one for a new one. But this time she is on to that tricky plastic Dragonzord. She takes the new one straight to customer service. She opens it there in front of them and supplies new batteries that she bought just for this procedure. #4 is a bust too.

At this point the customer service people are flabbergasted. They go and pull EVERY Dragonzord they have off the shelves and bring them all to customer service. None of them work either!

So, my wife gets a refund because there is no working unit to exchange it with and just for kicks and giggles she drives to the next towns Walmart.

The process repeated itself as she bought Dragonzord #10 and some new batteries. When #10 fails to work, the customer service people pulled all the others after hearing her story. They were so sure they would have one that worked. The other Walmart wasn't as good as this one, they joked.

They soon choked on their joke when they opened every Dragonzord they had and found none of the remotes worked!!!

Luckily I had found an alternative that would cheer my boy up. We got him a large Megazord that is nearly as tall as he is. But still... what the crap Fisher Price? Was the QA guy sleeping?

This Megazord thankfully worked as it was supposed to. And it put a smile on my boy's face. Missiles were promptly shot at me once again, and the sound of delighted children giggling filled the house.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Starting off the New Year right... plus a little surprise coming in 2017!

Well, the good news is that I have already worked off 4.4 pounds of holiday treats. The bad news is that I barely have a month before my next powerlifting meet and I have about 8 more pounds to drop...

On a positive note, I have been hitting the gym strong, continuing from my trend last year. Today I mashed out 3 sets of 495 on the squats for doubles with pauses at the top, so that definitely has me feeling good. However... this is a writing blog, so if you want to see more of what I do in the gym, then be sure to check out my other blog here, which focuses solely on the gym...

But now let's talk about my writing. I am super excited for Flight of the Krilo to come out. It was a lot of fun playing with the characters in this one and exploring a new era in Terramyr's chronology.

In two months, the third book in the Haymaker Adventures series will come out, which is also a lot of fun, as the brothers dive deeper into Tanglewood Forest and uncover the mysteries there.

I have several other projects forthcoming. The Sorceress of Aspenwood trilogy is currently under production for audio book versions, and so far I have to say that I love the narrator's voice. I'll post a clip as soon as I have the polished audio back from the first one. I also have several other writing projects coming up like the sequel to Fur Trader, and another Dragons of Kendualdern novel...

But if you wanted to know what I am most excited about... I have to say that I am ecstatic to announce that Erik Lokton is coming back in an all new adventure. I can't give too much away here, but I will say that he will be going outside of the Middle Kingdom, and he will encounter new struggles that he has never seen before... If you liked The Dragon's Champion series, then hopefully this gives you something to look forward to in 2017!