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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Son of the Dragon redo and new launch!

I have been re-examining some of my earlier works and thought that I should take a good hard look at The Netherworld Gate trilogy.

It is the first book that I ever wrote, and frankly it is technically the first one I ever published... It hit the shelves in 2006 -- only trouble was I had unwittingly published it with a vanity press. Still, I love the story, and not just because it's "my first" but also because I really like the main character. It's an anti-hero story plain and simple. Talon isn't like most of my other MCs, but that might also be why I like him so much. He does what he wants. He's capable of very dastardly deeds, and yet, he's still a human with deep-rooted emotional motives. He's a ton of fun -- well... he's also brutal, but hey, whatcha gonna do?

As I went through it again this spring while working on The Ghosts of Kobhir kick off, I decided that the story flowed much better as one massive book instead of three separate novels. If this one were to be printed in 5x8 like my other novels, the paperback would be over 1,100 pages long. That's like Goodkind length right there. For now it is only going to be available in e-book format, but I will at some point in the next few weeks create a collector 6x9 version (even the larger pages will still have it clocking in between 600-700).

If you have read the series and loved it, then please click on this link and leave a good review. If you haven't read it, and are looking for something different from me, then give this one a shot this summer. You may find that you will come to like Talon as well. ;)

Click here to check out Son of the Dragon

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