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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dominion: Edge of the Storm is going to be released a month early!

I am so excited to announce that book three in the Dragons of Kendualdern saga, Dominion: Edge of the Storm, is going to be released THIS FRIDAY! Originally it was planned to go out on March 31st, but I really didn't want to wait any longer than I had to, so we buckled down and pulled a few long days and switched up the release.

Karlax's story is one that has been so much fun to work with and introduce little twists here and there. I think as you get into the series, you'll see some of the fun things weaving in and out of each story that bind them all together and it should make for a satisfying adventure.

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If you haven't started the series yet, then definitely check it out!
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The other really cool result of pushing the release date up is I am pretty sure it is going to have a cascade effect, so Fur Trader 2 should be able to get moved up quite a bit as well! Stay tuned, and I will be sure to put out any updates just as soon as I can.

Until then... Happy reading!

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