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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Dragon's Champion turns 6 today!

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Good morning!

          Today is a very important day for me -- and for anyone who enjoys my books. Today, The Dragon's Champion turns six years old, and so does my career as a writer! I chose this day back in 2013 because it also coincides with my wife's birthday. I thought it would give me a bit of luck, not to mention the fact that without her support, the story never would have seen the light of day. Six years in and it is still going strong, with sequels behind it and a whole world filled with different adventures. The writing journey started with me writing at home or on my lunch hours at the embassy, but now I have an office in my home and do this full time. It's an incredible thing to look back and see just how far we have come.

          It isn't always easy, of course. There are the occasional negative reviews, or book launches that don't go quite as planned. There are the odd months where sales cycle down far enough that I question my sanity for continuing to write. However, there are some really great times too. It's always been a passion of mine, and I love to share my imagination with others, but that is only what gets the ball rolling. It certainly doesn't keep the sails filled with the days are rough. But, there are many other times that remind me why this isn't just entertainment, it's good work. I'll get an email or letter from someone, or sometimes they find me in person to tell me about how my books affected them.

          Some are looking for an escape, and find it in my world of Terramyr.
          Others are kids who hated to read, but after trying my books can't get enough.
          My own children, who each have tried to read far above their grade level just so they can enjoy "Daddy's stories."
          Or the colleague or friend who comes up sheepishly, explaining why they put off reading my books only to find out that they really liked them later on.
The list goes on, but each of them are the reasons I like to write.
          I continue to write for the kid who hates reading, because I was that kid. (Thanks R.A. Salvatore for changing that with The Crystal Shard!)
          I write for the person who needs escape, because I certainly have been there many times.
          I write for my kids, so they can see the value of hard work and dedication -- as well as develop their literacy.

          And, I write for that colleague or friend, because I like seeing the smile on their face when they realize that my books are more fun than they had dared admit.

        So, for these reasons, and many more-- let's show The Dragon's Champion some love. Pass it around to friends and family who would enjoy a good adventure, and let's make it a spectacular 6th birthday for this fun book!

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  1. When is book ten of the Dragons Champion going to be released