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Welcome to Tales from Terramyr! Terramyr is the world I created, and where my books and stories come from. Here you may browse upcoming releases, musings of my sporadic and highly distracted mind, or see what I have been up to lately.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesdays suck...

Tuesdays don't really suck, but if you have read Gatekeepers then you will catch the reference. Sometimes I just don't want to have to come up with a title for a short blog post, and since today is Tuesday... I just couldn't resist.

I wanted to shout out to those of you who dropped by SLC comic con and say thanks for making it a great con. I always love meeting old and new fans. Now that the costumes are all put away though, it's back to the keyboard for me. I'm still ironing out Fur Trader 2 and putting in some fun edits. It's taking a bit longer than I had hoped, but better to have a good story than to rush it.

Also, I have been asked by several of you about the next Dragons of Kendualdern book... the short answer is I hope it will be out this Fall. This series in particular has taken me a lot longer to write than any others I have worked on. I am hoping that the end product will prove worth the wait. The next book will again be from a dragon's perspective, which is super fun for me. It will not, however, revolve around Gorliad. Frankly speaking, I hadn't ever intended Gorliad to be in the sequels. So, Dominion takes place after Ascension, but has an entirely new cast of characters. They are directly related to Ascension, however, so it should still prove to be a very fun read for those of you that liked Ascension.

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