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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Introducing a new book by A.L. Sirois

As I make the final preparations for SLC Comic Con, I wanted to let you all know about a real cool book that just came out. It's The Bohemian Magician, by A.L. Sirois. It's published by Dragon Scale Publishing, so I am a little biased, but it's pretty cool. Check out the cover art and the blurb:


Young Guilhelm has everything a man of the middle ages could ask for: money, title, admirers. But he has one thing that puts all of that in jeopardy. One thing that he cannot get rid of. He has been designated FAIRY FRIEND. Now, no matter where he goes, the fair folk of our world are attracted to his side, and they cause more trouble than Guilhelm seems able to bear.

Praise for The Bohemian Magician:

“With a voice like Sabatini and the humor of Zelazny at his wryest, Sirois offers a tale of fantastic adventure--so what more do you want?” - John Shirley, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Demons

"The Bohemian Magician is a rousing sword and sorcery tale that expertly blends the grit and grime of 12th century Europe with folklore and fantasy. Its dark magic drew me in and left me begging for a sequel!" – Donna Galanti, author of Joshua and the Lightning Road

"Al Sirois’s amusing fantasy, set in the Middle Ages, chronicles the swashbuckling adventures of a young French knight as he encounters fairies, ogres, wizards, ifrits, kobolds, demons, dragons, and pestiferous gnomes." — Don Swaim, author of The Assassination of Ambrose Bierce: A Love Story

"The young duke Guilhem takes a wrong turn on the way to the Crusades – and off we go on a picaresque adventure of magic and mayhem, on earth and off! Great fun – a high-flying Candide reimagined for a bubble universe....Never a dull moment! Braggarts, fools, heroes, and magicians cross swords in this wide-ranging fantasy. If you’ve a yen for those dark woods where medieval history tangles with Faery, The Bohemian Magician satisfies." -- Valerie Nieman, author of Neena Gathering

"Spell-binding prose, magical, with an authentic feel. The Middle Ages like they’ve rarely been seen, with crusading warriors and sorcerers and hooligans beset by folklore beasts both friend and foe, from many cultures. Well researched. Quite an entrancing read." -- Chris Bauer author of Scars on the Face of God, Jane’s Baby (2018)

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