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Welcome to Tales from Terramyr! Terramyr is the world I created, and where my books and stories come from. Here you may browse upcoming releases, musings of my sporadic and highly distracted mind, or see what I have been up to lately.

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Books Written by Sam

If you like paperback copies, then you should go to the website for Dragon Scale Publishing. You can also order them through Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, but Dragon Scale has the best prices for the paperbacks.

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The Dragon's Champion series:

The Netherworld Gate trilogy:

Haymaker Adventures:

The Sorceress of Aspenwood trilogy:

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  1. What about a map of Terramyr? It would be very helpful.

    1. Hi Mike! Yes... I agree. However, while I can doodle a workable map for writing purposes, it is not exactly presentable. I can draw a great stick figure... but a map... not so much. The good news though, is one is coming very soon. I am working with my publisher to get maps in each of the books for the relevant places the book contains. (One can be seen in Brothers Haymaker)Also, we are working on a wikia page and a Terramyr specific webpage that will include a larger world map. I don't have all the details yet, but it should be a great product by the time it's done!

    2. Hey Mike -- if you haven't seen it yet, there is a beta map up on Check it out :)